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Alt 06 Haziran 2018, 10:50
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Standart Youtube halts everything in firefox


I have upgrade my monitor to a 50" plasma - got i cheap and thought that viewing youtube in 1080p would be nice on an old full HD screen.It is nice - but I keep getting some sluggishness with youtube.
First I thought it was the hardware.
AMD X2 7750 with 4GB ram and SSD + fanless 4650 GPU. Running Mint 17.3 - worked fine with 480 - but could not run 720 in youtube in full screen. I have a 100/100 fiber and under 10ms ping - so that should be enough.
Then I tried a Q6600 and I3-540 - also with 4GB ram and the same SSD + various combinations of GPU and versions of Mint 17.3-18.2.These to last ones played 1080p fine - but still after maybe a video or two, maybe 5. Then it was like firefox got filled up and started halting completely. The sound continued, but all graphics got stuck, and the mouse click could not stop the video or get out of full screen.In the background I had ressource manager open, to see CPU usage was suddenly way up high. After maybe 5-10 secones - my clicks started to respond and the video stops - like a huge delay in response.Last try, was to go even higher with new hardware - because I like the snappiness when using my computer. So I found an I5-4460S and gave it a simple little Asus board and some 8GB or ram + the same SSD again - now with mint 18.2Still the same. After some videos on youtube in 1080p(max of my screeen) then it sometimes goes crazy with my CPU and halts my browser and makes it extremely delayed and sluggish.But when I boot - I can go directly to youtube with firefox and start any 1080p video - jump from any one place in time to another and play smoothly within 2 seconds. Problem arises after playing several videos or having maybe some in another tab.Is there a buffer that can get filled up or something?

Please help

I didn't find the right solution from the internet.

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Thank you
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