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Alt 06 Haziran 2018, 10:50
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Standart Youtube TV - HD Streaming Issues


I cannot for the life of my get the YouTube TV services to display any higher than 480p. There isn't even an HD option, 480p seems to be the max resolution. I tried it in Chromium first but the video never plays, just keeps loading forever. Installed the newest version of Chrome, straight from Google's website (64.0.3282.167 [Official Build] [64-bit]). Everything works as expected, other than the whole shitty quality thing. Tried every single channel, it seems to be locked to 480p.Read in various articles that it was a Linux > Chrome compatibility issue. Some people mention HDCP, others DRM, etc. etc. Has anyone had any success streaming YouTube TV IN HD?! I tried installing the Windows version of Chrome with WINE, but I am still a Linux newbie and could not seem to get it installed.Any help would be greatly appreciated!!Running Cinnamon (18.3) with the newest 4.13 kernel (4.13.0-32). Using a GeForce GTX 960 with Nvidia's propriety drivers (384.111...). Can't think of any other information that is relevant to the issue, but please let me know if more is required!!I am hoping someone already had this issue and solved it. I do not want to have to dual boot Windows JUST to watch TV occasionally and I am certainly not switching back to Windows. So if I can't get it working, I will probably just have to decide on one of Google's competitors (Sling for example). BUT I do like the YouTube lineup, especially the local channels like CBS, so I would prefer to stick to them. Plays in perfect HD through my Roku Ultra as well as my wife's Windows PC.

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